About Us

New Era  Materials  is a  company with expertise on the field of polymer chemistry. NEM developed a process by which thermosetting resins of various chemical compositions can be processed to become powders. These powders  would melt with increase of temperature and then harden subsequently as thermoset material does. PowderResin, compared with conventional, mostly fluid thermosetting resins, delivers advantages for transportation and storage, because no cooling is required. In addition, there are new process-technological options for manufacturing fibre composites which can lead to considerable cost savings.

New Era Materials is also able to process the powder to become fibre composite sheet with similar properties for processing, such as thermoplastic organo sheet. They may be shaped under the influence of temperature, but would then chemically harden, in contrast to organo sheets. The fibre composite sheet, too, will deliver new options for efficient manufacture of thermosetting fibre composites.

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