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Resin Powder Moulding (RPM) is a new, particularly efficient technique for the production of high-performance thermoset fibre-composite structures. It represents the first time that the simple machine technology of classical moulding techniques has been combined with the rapid processing speed of high-pressure gap impregnation. What is more, the additional systems previously used to prepare, dose and inject resin components are no longer required. The RPM technique is based on the novel A.S.SET POWDER – a powdered resin which liquefies when subjected to an increase in temperature before hardening in a short time.

A.S.SET POWDER is applied to a dry preform at room temperature, using simple spraying technology or sieve-based dosing. The composite is subsequently compressed, using simple stamping tools without the aid of a vacuum. A short time later the component is fully hardened and can be removed from the mould. Variothermic process management is generally not required.



Thermoset Sheet Forming (TSF) is a new, highly efficient technique for the production of high-performance, two-dimensional fibre-composite structures. It combines the benefits of thermoplastic organic sheet processing with the outstanding properties of thermoset composite materials. The TSF technique uses novel A.S.SET SHEET. These thermoset organic sheets become workable when heated and harden quickly – thus ensuring minimal cycle times.

As in the case of thermoplastic organic sheets, A.S.SET SHEET can be cut and handled using simple machine technology. By contrast, they are far easier to process, using presses and can be adapted to become workable, even when exposed to only small increases in temperature. The thermoset curing process ensures that moulded components can be removed from the mould at processing temperature, thus avoiding the need for variothermic process management. This results is an energy and cost-efficient process, characterized by minimal cycle times.


Example of TSF process


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